You’re taking a break from studying, globe trotting, grocery shopping, toddler chasing, and project managing to revisit your high school stomping grounds. With nothing to fill your hours but eating and catching up (and if you’re me, reading!) it only makes sense that you may want to track down some of your old squad. To make reclaiming your high school turf easier, here are a few tips worth filing away, just in case your rise to the throne proves a little bumpy.


As a role model for all impeccable behavior look no farther than Queen Emily Gilmore. From season 7 (hear me out! I know you’re feelings about season 7) episode 3 Emily reminds us that “when the conversation lags, a good guest ought to be prepared to introduce a new topic. Keep it light — no politics, no religion. My little trick? Think of things in the middle three sections of the Sunday New York Times — travel, arts & leisure, Sunday styles — and forget the rest of the paper exists.”

Today we can sub in something from TMZ, Bustle, or of course chatter from your favorite VINAZINE article, but the idea is still the same. Those first few minutes of chat when you bump into each other at Starbucks may be dicey, so come with your game face on. What’s up with Brad and Angelia today? Have you tried an apple cider mimosa? Did you read Natashia Deón’s book Grace yet?

Keeping up today on random articles, books you’ve loved, and some reality TV gossip will save you both from conversation lags. And please, save the political talk for those extended family dinners.


There is a lot of comfort in familiarity. Did you and your vinas hang out at a local indie coffee shop? Is there a one of a kind restaurant in your home town that everyone has always, always, always loved? I remember coming home one summer to find that the chairs at our coffee shop had been replaced. Sure, we were a bit sad they were gone, but we also spent a lot of that afternoon reminiscing and laughing about all the goofy teenage things we used to do while sitting in those chairs. This one silly change, these new chairs, also propelled us into talking about other new things in our lives- our kids and our jobs and the escapades of our families. With your besties, no matter how long you’ve been apart, a small thing like a familiar setting can quickly bring back some amazing memories.


Selfies and #tbt’s are two things most vinas all have in common. If you’re scrambling around for plans with those old pals, trying something a little old school. Go see a movie together and sneak in snacks like some serious OGs. My BFFs and I saw every Harry Potter movie when they originally came out, so it would be amazing to see the newest film from JK Rowling together again.

Grab a selfie with a poster and it will seem like no time has passed at all. Brave enough to take this even farther? See if there is a high school football game on the calendar and don your letterman’s jackets like the lady bosses you’ve always been.


Do a run down of the whole graduating class. Where is that star football player now (last I heard he’s playing for the Raiders, FYI)? Or how about what’s her name, the girl who always had the best jeans in the world? Odds are with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram you have all kept up with someone. Not only will time fly by remembering so many people, you might also find yourself learning new stories about old friends. Time and perspective can open new doors you never knew existed. You may even find that someone you’ve lost contact with lives not too far from your new home- hello! Extra vina for a wine date! In the converse, don’t hesitate to be introduced to someone new. Everyone makes new pals, so open yourself up to your old friend’s new friend!  A trip back in time may just propel you in the future.

No matter who you want to connect with this Thanksgiving, be it favorite family members or old high school friends, just enjoy it. You’re only in town for a few days, so instead of stressing enjoy the opportunity!

Tell us in the comments who you’re most excited to see when you go home for the holidays!

(Feature image via Urban Outfitters)

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