One afternoon your kid declares they’ve met the one-that perfect best friend who shares their snack, is awesome on the swing, and has the coolest back pack ever. In your future you now see birthday parties, camping trips, and plenty of other shared adventures. Like lightening striking, your kid’s new friendship has just started a chain reaction in your life that you can’t predict. So what do you do now? You take it and run of course!


The most dicey part of this operation is that very first meeting.From personal experience, save intros for the afternoon pick-up instead of the morning drop-off.  I, for one, am a hot mess until at least 10am (or 3 cups of coffee, whichever comes first) and would rather not chat up someone while battling caffeine deprivation. So if you both pick up your kids in the afternoon, keep your eyes peeled for your counter part. A quick howdy and an exchange of names will get you on chatting terms fast.

If your kids are regulars on the bus have your kiddo pass along a note with a friendly hi and a cell number. Once you get to know each other, you both may find you’re morning people (or not!) and you can try to plan accordingly. The bottom line here – don’t be too over eager, but don’t hesitate to make the first move either.


Since your darling kids initiated this, keep them at the center the first few times you and your new vina mom meet. Make a plan to meet at the park after school so they can play together while you two chat, or catch a movie all together one Saturday. Or, hang out at home and put out some simple snacks for everyone. My fave is a nacho bar – everyone makes what they like. No kids – or adults – can complain about that!

Choose low key activities that keep the kids happy and will let you two get comfortable together. The easy camaraderie that kids often have is contagious, just give it a try. Chat about their school, their shared obsession with all things Zootopia, and swap ideas for upcoming birthdays. Having kids who are friends means you have a go to topic of conversation. You’ll be surprised how quickly the conversation turns from the kids to everything else.


You’re friendly now. You text occasionally. You’ve probably been to each other’s house at least one. Here’s the big one – that leap into real friendship. You and this new-ish vina need to share a grownups only adventure, stat! If your both gym rats, meet for a workout sesh while the kiddos are in school. Zumba or Jazzercise are absolutely addicting and a great way to spend an hour or two together.

Or hop over to that new brewery in town, or rent Bad Moms and leave the kids with your significant others. If you both find you want to make a difference in your kids’ school, join the PTA or sign up as parent volunteers. Even better, go big and do all of the above! Follow what you both love and a happy vina-ship will appear.

What makes a real friendship is the quality time you spend together. Of course you’re not always going to agree on stuff, and of course your kids may bicker at times, but the more shared experiences you have together the more you’ll want to hang out. Before long you’ll be mama BFFs for life.

Share in the comments how you and your other mom friends became besties!

(Feature image via @disastersofathirtysomething)


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