Straight Forward

Who is your favorite living poet? 
This one’s a toughie, but I think I’ll go with Stephen Dunn.  His work is always amazing to me and while there are many great poets, his poems resonate with me every time.
Who is your favorite dead poet? 
Emily Dickinson.  About once every five years, I get her collected works off my shelf and start reading one a day.
What is favorite poem of all time? 
Ironically, since I just cited two other poems, it’s Mary Oliver‘s poem that begins:  “Is the soul solid?”  Her success in writing about the intangible soul in tangible ways is mind-blowing.
 Current book of poetry you can’t get out of your mind? 
The collected works of Gerard Manley Hopkins, another book I revisit regularly.
 Best live, or audio, poetry reading you can remember. 
I was privileged to be able to listen…

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