Truth about the power of the sun on a momma’s brain




I’ve always been a bit preoccupied with how the brain looks like bizarre hydrangea, how our neurons look like the brain’s fine roots.  So it makes sense (to me) that after spending time in the sun, I always feel refreshed in an unmatchable way.

Yet, anxiety often keeps my world small.  Keeps me in the house more than I’ve ever been.

I’ve always been a traveler.  Dreamed of being Jane Goodall, escaping to Africa to live in the wild among chimpanzees.  Wanting to live a life a bit rootless and in the present.  There’s a restless roamer inside of me.  I’d never been afraid of the big, wide world.

And then children came.  And some moments it’s a struggle not to withdraw in with them close to me.  I want their world to be wide open, too.

In my babies, I see my wild.  My body recognizes their hunger, their…

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