Straight Forward

Who is your favorite living poet?

There is no way to have one answer for this question. I love Billy Collins because he is approachable- he’s the kind if poet that non-poets and poets alike can read and enjoy. I also love the dark humor in Jennifer L. Knox‘s poetry, and the careful wording in Jill Alexander Essbaum‘s poems.

 Who is your favorite dead poet?

Sister Syl. I cannot get enough Sylvia Plath. I’ve read every single thing by her that I’ve been able to get my hands on– her fiction, her children’s stories, her poems, her letters, her journals. I even argued in my thesis that her collection The Colossus is more technically advanced than Ariel.

 What is your favorite poem of all time?

“I Knock at the Door of the Rock” by Wislawa Szymborska. Don’t need to think twice about…

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