Indie Photographer

My Easter Day poem for the PoMoSco’s was inspired by a group of teenagers and  the Polaroids they were passing around the table.

The description for today’s poetry prompt reads

To earn the “All Ears” badge, take a public journey of your choosing. For instance, you might sit on your local bus or train for an hour, walk around the mall, visit a museum or even just walk down the street in an area with a lot of foot traffic. Keep an open ear to the conversations around you and jot down the phrases and words you overhear.

Craft a poem composed of those fragments and take a picture during your journey to post alongside your poem.

For examples of overheard poetry, visit Laura J. Davies’ “Overheard Poetry” page at

Cite the starting point and end point of your journey at the bottom of your post.

The story that developed in this poem is a little surreal,  which is the experience I hoped to get from this project. Twenty Five more day!


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