The Silk Road — PoMoSco

My White Out poem, courtesy of my latest issue of the Catalyst, from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

To earn the White Out badge, first get your hands on a bottle of white out, a white-out pen or white paint. Find a text you don’t mind marking up — or make a photocopy of the text if necessary — and progressively cover up lines of text with white out until only the words composing your erasure poem remain visible.  Scan your completed erasure as an image — or take a picture of it — and post it to the site.

Note: You must complete this erasure process by hand — no digital tools allowed (you’ll do that for another badge).

To see a sample white-out poem, view excerpts from Mary Ruefle’s A Little White Shadow on the Poetry Foundation’s website:

Scan or take a picture of your poem and upload it to the site. Credit your source text at the bottom of your post.

The Silk Road — PoMoSco.

via The Silk Road — PoMoSco.


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