you do you, elizabeth bennet

The first tumult of joy
was over
was invitation enough
was so odd a mixture
was less difficult to develop
was discontented
was visiting and new
was then disclosed in the following manner
was just what he wished
was what she had expected all the while
was sure you loved
was shut
was spent
was highly favourable
was quite young
was a certain step towards falling in love
was soon afterwards dispatched
was quite disconcerted
was good-looking
was much handsomer
was looked at with great admiration
was lively
was angry
was decided
was the proudest
was sharpened
was as much gratified
was going down
was very much flattered
was not convinced
was now only established
was by no means unwilling
was endeared
was the superior
was by no means deficient
was clever
was at the same time haughty
was sure
was continually giving offense
was sufficiently characteristic
was little beauty and no fashion
was therefore established
was all attention to everybody
was absolutely necessary


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