There should be words today,

not these words,

not pussy not fear

we shouldn’t know

so much about emoluments,

or taxes other than our own.

Maybe that’s what’s wrong

we didn’t believe we still needed

these word, this voice

to debate if no always

means no safe means

home means equal

means fair means

the same in Ohio as

in New York as on

your street my street.

Trucker hats for buttons

for slogans for meaning

for a path without a map.

Is the road not taken

any better, it’s not our

only road. We can stand

together a thousand

causes single file forward

some shared belief maybe

to be a man be a woman

to check any box on any

form matters less than

the flesh we share the

earth we stand upon

the words we share.

As seen on The Rumpus and on Medium 

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