Straight Forward

Thomas_GILLASPY-astoriaIssue Ten of Straight Forward Poetry is now live and ready for reading. This time around we are featuring poets Jason Dean Arnold, Gary Beck, Michael Carrino, Darren Demaree, Robert Fillman, George Freek, Ann Huang, A.J. Huffman, Faith Kearns, Andy Macera, Oscar Montes, Eileen Murphy, Nikhil Nath, Ellen Noonan, DM O’Connor, Scott Thomas Outlar, Sonya Plenefisch, Matt Prater, M. Protacio-De Guzman, Hannah Rogers, Whitney Schultz, Marian Shapiro, Karen Vande Bossche, and Guinotte Wise. This issue also includes photographers Thomas Gillaspy, Nick Romeo and Colton Adrian. Please visit any of these poets websites for more details on each, and continue to support indie presses and writers in the new year.

Thank for a wonderful year, filled with wonderful poetry, photography and friends.

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