Front Cover THE FIXER-THE NAKED MAN-1The Fixer: The Naked Man, the first in a new series of novellas by author Jill Amy Rosenblatt, follows main character Katerina Mills as she embarks on a new career as a fixer. The book, which feels like part crime drama part Scandal, quickly introduces readers to a fairly large cast of characters, all with shadowy motivations.

For readers who want answers, and want them now, this book may seem frustrating given the amount of information that is withheld. But for those of us who like a bit of suspense, and are willing to hold on for a long ride, this series has all the ingredients to be a fun one.

In addition to Katerina, readers meet an old love, a
potential new love, her parents and their extremely dysfunctional relationship, and the elusive employees are MJM, the firm that has taken Katerina on. During The Naked Man, Katerina has to learn to use her contacts from previous jobs in new and inventive ways to help stalk a wife and retrieve a piece of incriminating evidence. Murder, theft, sex, and lies all follow, and not in ways expected. With such a large array of characters to follow, and so much groundwork in a series that promises to be 10 to 12 books long, in addition to the twists that MJM will provide, there is a lot of territory that can be covered in equally engaging ways.

If you want to follow as an average college student turns into a potential life long fixer, then jump on the bandwagon for The Fixer series now.

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